A debt management plan (DMP) helps individuals or households manage their debts when they are unable to maintain their contractual payments to their creditors due to financial difficulties.

Depending on negotiations with your creditors it may also be possible to freeze interest and stop charges on your account meaning that your monthly payment will go towards paying off your balance – resulting in you clearing your debts sooner.

A debt management plan (DMP) is not legally binding meaning that you are able to cancel the agreement at any time. You can also vary your monthly payment depending on your circumstances.

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Debt Reverse currently has repayment plans set up with 1000s of creditors on behalf of our customers. Through these working relationships we are able to set up debt management plans that allow our customers to reduce their monthly repayments in line with what they can afford, we can also reduce or freeze interest and stop further charges being added to their accounts. If you are currently in debt, search our creditor directory to see if we work with your creditors.

Specialist payday loan debt management plan

We will put together a debt management plan that will focus on your high interest payday loans; we will immediately begin negotiating with your payday loan companies and request that they freeze interest and stop further charges on your accounts.

Debt Management Plan

A DMP allows you to combine all of your unsecured debt repayments into a single monthly payment that is affordable to you.

Unsecured debts can include: Credit Cards , Debt Collectors , Doorstep Loans , Household Bill , Payday Loans , Store Cards & Catalogues , Unsecured Loans & Bank Overdrafts


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