Payday loan help

Paydal Loan repayment schedule

PayDay Loan Repayment Schedule | Debt Reverse

Are you struggling with your Payday Loan repayment schedule? If you find yourself in a position where you have borrowed more than you can afford to pay off with payday loans then we can help. We understand that it’s easy to borrow more than you can afford through easily accessible […]
Payday loans out of control

Case Study | Payday loans out of control

Yesterday afternoon, John from London filled out our online application form telling us that he had five payday loans and he was struggling to pay them off. We called him back within five minutes of his application being submitted through our website contact form and discussed his situation. Very quickly […]
Payday lending sector

Oft report into payday lending sector

Many companies involved in Britain’s payday lending sector have been threatened with being put out of business by the OFT in a report published in March 2013. A report released last month by the Office of Fair Trading has shown evidence of “widespread irresponsible lending”. Particular areas of non-compliance from […]
Payday Loan Consolidation

Payday loan consolidation

As payday loans become more common, we are seeing more people come to us for guidance on payday loan consolidation. Typically customers looking for advice on whether they should choose a repayment plan through a company like Debt Reverse or stuck in a position of continuous payday loan consolidation. Let’s […]
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